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Bank Simpanan BSN Internet Banking

Some of you may want to see and experience our NEW & IMPROVED website today, but somehow failed to view it.

No worries, it’s just because of some settings… Maybe this trick would help you to surf MyBSN!

1. Select Tools > Internet Options

2. Connections > LAN Settings> Bypass Proxy

3. Login to www.mybsn.com.my

4. Once you get the page, add to Favourite/Bookmark

5. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections again to reset back Proxy Settings at LAN Settings and accept proxy

Got it? Yeah!!! Now you can go register for MyBSN.

After your FUN-FILLED weekend, you’ve probably forgotten the steps to register (same here). Here, let’s refresh our memory!


1. Go to any BSN ATM or CDM.

2. Insert your ATM Card and enter your Pin No.

3. Select Internet Banking.

4. Select Register Internet Banking.

5. Select Internet Registration.

6. Key in your Handphone No.

7. Key in your own 6-digit iPIN.

8. A ‘Successful’ screen will appear once completed.

9. Receipt will be printed. For security reasons, your iPIN will not be printed on the receipt.


1. Go to www.mybsn.com.my.

2. Click on First Time Registration.

3. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully and click on the Accept button.

4. Enter your Account Details and the 6-digit iPIN that you created.

5. Enter your Username, Password and select your Online Image.

6. A successful page will appear. Then, proceed to Login again.

7. Key in your Username.

8. Verify your selected image and key in your Password.

9. Fill in your Personal Details.

10. Select and answer your Secret Questions.

Now BSN ready for online . Click here
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fahmi ibrahim said...

tak jadi a... i still can't view the site

Anonymous said...

what is the proxy????

nosa said...

Umm.. hello. This internet banking by BSN.. is it out to the public yet? Where did u get this info?

kentanjim said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
fargoman said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
miya said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
coolooc said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
reek said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
happysus said...

fahmi, nosa sorry, this is part of google word tracking for key word.

This key word score high in word tracking. "Bank Simpanan BSN Internet Banking".
for nuffnang dan google adsence I get money for every ads they click. Pages they views.

This is just for BSN internal Staff used only.Opp. I thought it already activate for public. To be launch on sept 2010. Hah... Sorry. Nosa u right. SABAR...I received an email from my friend, so I post it here.

I delete other comments because out of topic. I have to block the spam comments. Sorry guys.

fahmi ibrahim said...

Owh.. it's ok. SEO right? hehe.

I think this BSN Online is now open to public, I saw the option at the ATM, so i want to try to use it.

**Still shock with the other comments that's not related to this topic

angry said...

Hellllo Bsn,

I can't go/find to the above mentioned website? Does it even exist?
I've already registered at the ATM machine but still can't use the internet banking service!!
I will have to close my Bsn account - i think Bsn is the only bank that does not have a website for its customers - so out-of-date.

msaneeen said...

bull shit la,dh try so many time x dpt2 jgk.....useless

happysus said...

Hello, Now MyBSN ready.


Priya said...

Hi guys,

Bawak bertenang sikit. mybsn is a newborn to the public. let's treat it like one...

I guess they r still learning....##$^&@@#%^&./,/,

Rachael said...

what if i forgot my previous I-pin number..should i go to re-register ( get new I-pin number) it or what??

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